React & Firebase SaaS starter


Visit the landing page created with this starter at

Firebase, Authentication, Serverless Backend, Tailwind CSS, and Payments are all hooked up and ready for your next project.

Save weeks of coding by building your SaaS website on a solid foundation of modern best practices and the most recent technologies.

On top of a best practice approach to building a SaaS Website with React and Firebase, you get a complete framework to have a full-stack website up and running (meaning deployed to the world) within minutes.


  • React full-stack website set-up for development and production.
  • This landing page and the protected pages after signing in.
  • Authentication workflows and pages.
  • Tailwind CSS for rapid and seamless UI and UX development.
  • Real-time database with Firestore and tested security rules.
  • Chat widget to directly chat and contact your users.
  • Payments with Stripe.
  • Transactional emails with Postmark and email templates.
  • REST API backend and serverless Cloud Functions set-up.
  • Cookie banner and Plausible Analytics or Google Analytics integration.
  • Easy to use and powerful state management.
  • End-to-end tests with Playwright.
  • Uses Next.js for development and production-ready static HTML export.
  • Lifetime access and updates.
  • Use for an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects.

You get the full codebase of this starter to start building right away!


React & Firebase SaaS starter